Throughout our projects, we’ve been helped along by information from other resources, charities, organisations, blogs and websites. Sharing what we have learned and found helpful is a core motivation for why we choose to write this blog. Here is a list of things we’ve found particularly useful, inspiring, worthwhile, or just plain cool. We’ve also included some routes if you wish to show support towards the costs of running the blog and some of the press coverage for projects we have been involved with. We’ll keep updating this and would love to hear about any other resources other people have found particularly useful too.

Referral Links and Supporting us

We have run this blog free-to-access since we started, but it does have running costs (e.g. website, hosting, outreach). If you use a company or buy a product you found out about through us and they have a referral scheme, please feel free to mention “Little Eco Blog” was how you found them or it.

We have specific referral links for some companies and products we have bought from and recommend, and these are listed below:

Alternatively, if you would like to directly show support financially, you are welcome to “buy us a coffee” via our Kofi page.

Other Blogs

The Yellow House – “1930s ex-council house into our environmental dream home”

GreenCottage – An eco renovation project on a 2 up/2 down terrace by @solar_bud

Westacre – A eco-renovation project on a 1930s detached house by @HildeWestacre

Open Energy Monitor – monitoring solar PV production, heat pump management, and EV charging

EcoTerrace – A Newcastle project on a Victorian terrace

Hockerton Housing – A successful co-housing project outside Nottingham

ShrinkThatFootprint  – A great blog with useful articles on subjects from lifestyle to climate change stats with a fantastic self-description of “squeezing more life out of less carbon”


Centre for Alternative Technology (CAT) – More information on everything eco than you can shake a stick at.

Association for Environment Conscious Building (AECB)

Energy Saving Trust (EST)

Low Impact Living Initiative LILI –  Huge amount of info.

YouGen – Another fantastic source for all things renewable by Cathy Debenham. Also a great location for reputable installers/contractors.

BedZED – Eco housing development in London by the @BioRegional charity

Sheffield Solar Farm – Through voluntary submission, SSF manage a Database of micro-generation and provide insight into the network’s data

Carbon Coop


Green Building Forum – Fantastic forum, with lots of amateurs and experts.

Companies we would recommend

One Planet Solar – NE England PV installation company in a league of its own. (my review on YouGen)

The Oak Floor Company – A talented local company who laid our wooden floor, of which we are very fond.

Open Energy Monitor

Books & Resources

Sustainability Without the Hot Air – Renewables overview with extremely accessible & detailed approach by David MacKay available as a PDF

Eco-renovation: The Ecological Home Improvement Guide – “the book” on eco-renovation by Edward Harland (ISBN-13: 978-1870098526)

Low Energy Building Database (LEBd) from @ACEB –  Provides almost 200 case studies of retrofit projects

Press coverage

We have done and continue to do outreach both remotely and in-person to promote living more sustainable within homes as well as more generally. This includes giving talks at events, seminars, and interviews to support companies and organisations we have been involved with or in. Some examples of this are linked below:

One thought on “Links

  1. Hi Web Admin,

    Angel Smith here. I’m working with Stanmore Contractors (a leading service provider in the UK construction industry) to share an in-depth online resource they created about the importance of having an eco-friendly household.

    The guide is called “How to Make Your Home More Environmentally Friendly” and and offers plenty of valuable information such as:
    How humans are impacting climate change and how increasing populations, strained natural resources, carbon emissions, and deforestation are all contributing towards global warming.
    The many health and economical benefits of becoming environmentally friendly, reducing our carbon footprint, and having an energy efficient home, including interesting facts and figures about going green.
    Tips and advice on how to assess energy efficiency (including heating and insulation) throughout your home, as well as other eco-friendly practices.
    Making the most of government schemes and incentives as well as plenty of other useful tips and resources for going green.
    I checked out your site and noticed you’ve listed similar helpful information on your page here:

    Would you be able to take a look at our guide and see if it’s worth adding on that page? I think a lot of people, your readers included, could find this kind of information helpful.

    Let me know if you’d like me to send over the full guide?

    Thanks in advance!


    Angel Smith
    Digital Content & Media Planning
    email me: [email protected]

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